Apollo F1
Early and vigorous, producing medium to large green spears with a purple tip. Spears maintain tightness in cold to hot conditions. Tolerant to rust and fusarium.

Atlas F1
Adaptable and high yielding cultivar producing tight green spears with slightly purple tips.
Tolerant to downy mildew, rust, fusarium and cercospora foliar.

Brock Imperial F1
Early, excellent heat tolerant variety with uniform spears.
Compares to Ida Lea.
Seed Count 19,000 per Lb / 41,895 per kilo

Early California F1
All Green Cultivar
Early California F1 as the name indicates is earlier by two weeks than all other green asparagus varieties.
Early California F1 is excellent for arid to simi-arid areas including climates with little to no dormancy.
Early California F1 produces an average of 10 to 20 harvestable spears per plant. Spear size is very uniform and produces a high percentage of jumbos. Spear color is all green with little to no purple and is absent of purple bracts.
Early California F1 is tolerant of rust and tolerant of fusarium.
Compares to Grande F1,157 F1, Atlas F1, Ida Lea F1.

Grande F1
Early, high yielding cultivar producing large spears with purple coloration at the tip and bud scales. Maintains very tight head. Tolerant to foliar diseases, rust and fusarium.

Ida Lea F1-All Green Cultivar 
Ida Lea maintains a tight, well tapered spear at harvesting above 85º-f (29º-c) In spring like conditions, Ida Lea does not initiate lateral branches until the spear has maintained a height of 12 inches.
Ida Lea F1 is known for it’s production, produces early spears and large sizes that are all-green tight tapering heads.
Ida Lea F1 is tolerant of Rust and tolerant of Fusarium.

Compares to Brock Imperial F1

Jersey Gem F1
Produces all male plants which means that this variety produces spears only, and no seeds, therefore doubling the spear production.

Jersey Giant F1
Large Green Spears. Adaptable, tolerant to wilt and rust. Super-Male only plants produces spears only, and no ferning Prefers full sun.

Jersey King F1
Medium size,super-male with tight spears. Adaptable to a wide range of climate conditions. Produces all male plants which produces spears only, and no ferning, therefore doubling the spear production.

Jersey Knight F1
Dark green uniform spears. All male plant production with all spears and no ferning. Tolerant to rust, fusarium and cercospora foliar.

Jersey Supreme F1
Produces all male plants that produces spears only, and no furning, double the spear production. Tolerant to rust and fusarium. Spears have medium size

Sweet Purple
Sweet Purple ia an open pollinated variety producing large purple spears.
Seed Count 15,000 per Lb / 33,075 per kilo


UC 115 F1
DePaoli-UC 115 F1-All Green Cultivar
DePaoli asparagus hybrid for early production of fresh asparagus in warm climates. Spear heads remain tightly closed until the spear is tall. DePaoli is capable of producing high yields of high quality asparagus for many years and is a very early high yielding asparagus.
Color, size and shape of harvested spears of DePaoli are similar to those of UC 157 F1, however tips and bracts of UC 115 F1 are more purple than those of UC 157 F1 when harvested in cool weather. The general appearance of the foliage (fern) of DePaoli is similar to that of other asparagus cultivars.
Depaoli is tolerant of Rust and tolerant of Fusarium with moderate levels of tolerance to Phytophthora
Compares to Early California F1, Atlas F1, and UC 157 F1

UC 157 F1
UC 157 F1-All Green Cultivar
157 F1 is the most widely adaptable fresh market green asparagus cultivar grown in the world today
Harvest temperatures that exceed 80º-f (27º-c) can cause many varieties to produce open or loose heads. UC 157 F1 spears maintain a tight head. UC 157 F1 is well noted for it’s production.
UC 157 F1 is tolerant of Rust and tolerant of Fusarium.
Compares to Early California F1, Atlas F1, and DePaoli-UC 115 F1

UC 157 F2
Open pollinated or second generation variety. All green tight spears. Similar to UC 157 F1 but not the same.