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Seed has no prejudice

Planters’ Guild is dedicated to marketing quality commercial seed for planting and providing information for the gaining of Seed Knowledge.

Every species & variety listed on our website is for sale to any and all commercial growers WorldWide. Planters’ Guild website is not a portal.

Is Planters’ Guild different than other seed companies, yes we are. Planters’ Guild are Seedsmen. Seedsmen do not market brands or sell packaging. Seedsmen are concerned with all seed quality including germination, purity, and vigor. Barring brand names a seedsman’s responsibility is to take the grower’s criteria and match it to the correct cultivar.

You will see in the member’s area different seed producers who have excellent brands in their own right. However, they are not part of the guild because of their brand. They are part because of their commitment to growing and producing solid quality seed year after year.

Planters’ Guild offers a wide variety of different species and cultivars from asparagus and artichoke to melons and watermelons. We have open pollinated varieties from standard to the most advanced selections. We have excellent hybrids including some of the most advanced in specialty cultivars. We have processing varieties from asparagus and artichokes to peppers and squash.

Whether you’re growing for export or for your local market all of our seed is minimum 85% germination with minimum purity 99%.

If you have never planted seed from Planters’ Guild then please give us the opportunity. We welcome your business and we will always appreciate it.


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