Beit Alpha Pickling
Pickling or Salad Cucumber, 55-57 days, Med Green, Black Spines, Straight with Round End and Slight Taper at Blossom End. Medium Size Vine Plant Habit.
Size Average 12.7-15.2 cm x 3.17-5.08 cm
Mid-Eastern Type

Slicing Cucumber, 63-70 days, Fruit is Straight but can Curl when Young, Dark Green, Often Pointed at Blossom End. Good Yields, Produces Through Heat or Cold. Size Average 20.3-25.4 cm x 5.08-6.3 cm.

National Pickle
Blocky shape dark green color. Tolerant to cucumber mosaic and scab
Relative Days to Maturity: 56
Size: L/D 2.5
Disease Tolerance: Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Scab
10 Lb / 4.53 Kilo minimum seed order

Olympian F1
Olympian F1 is a gynoecious hybrid slicing cucumber. It is midseason, has excellent productivity, dark green color and a uniform shape. This hybrid is a market leader and is widely adapted, with some tolerance and resistance to races of Anthracnose, Angular Leaf Spot, Scab, Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew. Replace Poinsett and Marketmore cucumbers with Olympian F1 and make more money.
Relative Days to Maturity: 64
Size: 22 cm x 5 cm
Disease Tolerance: Angular Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Scab
20 M / 20 Mx minimum seed order

Poinsett 76
Slicing Cucumber, 63-75 days, Dark Green Fruit, Cylindrical with Rounded Ends, White Spines, Good Yields, Dependable.
Size Average 19.05-21.5 cm x 5.7-6.9 cm.

SMR-58 Pickling
Pickling or Salad Cucumber, 56-58 days, Nearly Cylindrical, Good Quality for Processing. Plant Habit is Ever-bearing with Vigorous Vines Producing Heavy Yields.
10 Lb / 4.53 Kilo minimum seed order

Sultan F1
Sultan is an early to mid-season beit alpha hybrid for open field production. Vigorous vines insures high yield from multiple harvests. Cukes are crisp and sweet, with an exterior that is the proper dark green color with some fine wrinkles. Multi-Virus tolerance helps achieve a long and profitable harvest.
Relative Days to Maturity: 54
Shape: Cylindrical (L/D = 3.5)
Disease Tolerance: Multi-Virus, Powdery Mildew
20 M / 20 Mx minimum seed order