Goblin Eggs
Goblin Eggs is a mixture of egg shaped gourds (see photo), with Shenot Crown of Thorns, Jack Be Little and Small Spoon Colorful.
Maturity is 80 days.
Relative Days to Maturity: 80
Size: 2.5″ X 3″
5 M / 5 Mx minimum seed order

Koshare Yellow
Koshare Yellow is a gourd with a unique appearance and a superior plant habit for greater production. Maturing in 95-100 days, vigorous multi-stem bush plants have higher populations and a more concentrated set. Both total yield and ease of harvest are improved. Colors are more intense, with better contrast.
Koshare fruit are about 4.5 inches long and very uniform in shape. An assortment of banding patterns of vibrant dark green and golden yellow are produced on each plant. Because temperature during flower development affects fruit coloration, solid dark green fruit and fruit with 2-5 bands of alternating color are produced. Koshare’s color retention is excellent. For the serious gourd grower.
Relative Days to Maturity: 95 – 100
Size: 2″ dia X 3.5″
5 M / 5 Mx minimum seed order

Large Bottle/Birdhouse
Gourd, bulbed at stem end.
Size: 12 – 14″ X 6″
1 Lb / 454 Gram minimum seed order

Large Dipper, Long Handled
Dipper, Long Handled: Thi selection has a variety of shapes and neck lengths. The blossom end is the seed containing bowl. The stem attaches to a long neck which curves when grown on open ground. If trellised, the neck gets longer and straight. Moderately easy to cure to a durable vessel.
Size: 15″ X 6″
1 Lb / 454 Gram minimum seed order

Large Speckled Swan
Speckled Swan: With resemblance to a swan, a very useful hard shelled gourd for art and crafts. A long hot summer is best for this 115 day maturity gourd.
Relative Days to Maturity: 115
1 Lb / 454 Gram minimum seed order

Small Pear Bi-Colored
Pear Bi-Colored: Fruit are pear shaped, variably bi-colored with striped green below and golden yellow above.  The rind is smooth and hard, it keeps its color for some months.  A beautiful and bright addition to any ornamental display.
Size: 2″ dia X 3.5″
1 Lb / 454 Gram minimum seed order

Small Spoon Platoon
Spoon Platoon is a gourd blend. Unique shapes, superior plant habits, excellent color retention.  All mature in about 90 days, are 4-5 inches long, and have vigorous, multi-stem bush plants.
Relative Days to Maturity: 90
Size: Mixed
5 M / 5 Mx minimum seed order

Small Warted Mix
Size: 3″ dia X 4″
Size: 3″
1 Lb / 454 Gram minimum seed order

Turk’s Turban OP
Turk’s Turban: This is a maxima squash, it is edible like hubbard or buttercup.  Excellent for gourd mixes because its reddish orange color adds great color to arrangements or vegetable market bins.  When allowed to mature on the vine, the fruit will last for several months.
10 Lb / 4.53 Kilo minimum seed order