Black Beauty Zucchini
50-63 days, semi-upright open plant habit.
Fruit are blocky glossy black-green, firm with creamy-white flesh, 15.2-20.3 cm x 5 cm.
Harvest dark green to almost black. Excellent OP variety for processing.

50-57 days, early bush cocozelle. Spiny semi-open cut-leaf plant habit.
Fruit are cylindrical, slightly tapered, thin light green skin with dark-green stripes.
Flesh is firm, creamy-white. Harvest when fruit are 10.1-15.2 cm x 5.08-8.8 cm.

Dark Green Zucchini
50-65 days, early vigorous bush plant habit.
Fruits are straight, smooth, dark-green mottled, best at 15.2-20.3 cm.
Flesh is pale green and firm. Very prolific and heavy yielding.

Gray Zucchini
42-65 days, open semi-spiny bush plant habit.
Fruit are almost cylindrical, tapers slightly to stem end,  medium green skin mottled with gray flecks, small seeds. Early and prolific.